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Anger is often a triggered emotion when someone gets annoyed or feels like something bad has been done to them. It is a negative feeling. It acts as a substitute for emotion to pain. Many people feel angry to avoid a certain degree of pain they feel, or when they feel threatened or rejected. It takes a lot of discipline to control anger. Read through this article to learn how to control anger with these 5 easy tips.

Did you know that a person feels more comfortable to feel angry than to be exposed to vulnerability due to pain? One can easily show anger than showing pain and emotions that tend to portray you as a weak being. Because anger triggers humans to take actions that tend to make them feel stronger.

How to Control Anger with these 5 Easy Tips

1. Avoid It. Don’t “Let It All Hang Out!”

Traditionally, people believed that letting all the emotions hang out of your body and mind is a great way to control anger. But recent studies show that this actually escalates anger and aggression and does nothing to help you. So it is best to find out the main roots of what triggered your anger. Doing so will make you cautious of the situations to avoid in the nearby future.

2. Stick Your Middle Finger, Grab it for 2 Minutes!

Your middle finger represents anger. No wonder why angry people always stick their middle finger out to the person they are showing their anger! It is a Japanese technique where all you have to do is grab your middle finger and cover the whole of it for a minute or two until you feel a pulsating sensation!

3. Anger Poisons Your System. Realize that.

Anger is not an entity. It’s just that you become angry out of certain outcomes. You need to realize that being angry clearly means that you are generating poison in your body and weakening your immunity. Just because your brain is not taking instructions from you when you lose temper, you are decreasing your life span! So realize that becoming angry is a choice. You don’t necessarily have to react to everything that provokes you and just start getting angry. Let it go. Realize that not everything is meant for you to control. Stop trying to control situations you cannot. Forgive yourself.

4. Close Your Eyes and Take a Deep Breath.

You as a human are responsible for all the situations and consequences created around you. It’s not that the surroundings shape you. So if someone creates an unhealthy environment where you are triggered to get angry, just close your eyes instead and take a deep breath. Think of the wonderful blessings of your life and pay gratitude for having those blessings in your life. Divert your thought to your belongings instead and just focus on making your bond with these blessings stronger. Take deep, long breathes and tell your mind that you are exhaling everything that is causing anger inside you.

5. Stretch Your Body. Perform Slow Yoga-Exercises

Start cultivating the habit of stretching your body to release stress and anger. Slow Yoga moves or some Tai Chi moves can definitely help you relax from within. Since anger is a secondhand emotion, it is easy to control if you can cultivate the habit of controlling your mind. Yoga and particularly meditation can help you with mind and body control.

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